To Read Is To Expand the Mind

Imagine chasing supervillains, swinging through the jungle, or even living out your life as a princess. These remarkable journeys can be taken while reading a book. From a young age everyone is told stories whether they are told around a campfire, read from a nighttime story, or even read by you yourself in a dusty corner of a library. All these things allow readers of all ages to interpret a wonderful story in their own unique way. Ones interest in a book can tell you a lot about there personality.

     I’ve loved reading since I was young it allowed me to almost step into another time or place where anything could happen the moment I turned the next page. I find sci fi books to be interesting; to watch a Star Wars movie is one thing but to be able to read the books of individual character and see how they went about their triumphs is fascinating. Movies allow us to see what’s happening and sure it only takes about two hours to watch a movie but with a book you can dive into your own world amongst wild characters. I feel that reading a book allows the reader to interpret the story in their own way, it let’s the imagination run free over each page.

In conclusion, the next time you think about turning on the TV or your bored in your room pick up a book it could be a small short story or a book filled with a long tale of dream . Books allow us to expand or minds into other realms and see the stories told by extraordinary character .


A Work Of Art In A Movie

A movie that means something to me is The Breakfast Club. The movie was released in 1985 and stars five teenagers from various backgrounds. The movie takes place when five students arrived at detention on a Saturday under supervision of their principle. Among this group of rebels were John the criminal and bad boy, Claire the princess and diva, Brian the nerd, Andrew the athlete and typical jock, and lastly Allison the outcast and the weird girl. This movie shows how people of diverse backgrounds can still connect with each other. No one has what could be considered a perfect life in family or in school, everyone has different trials.

All the teens think they have it worse than one another this results in arguments amongst the group of rag tags but in the end, they realize that they all face different issues in their social life and in their private life. The athlete with his problem of having to balance school and sports, the nerd who must live up to his expectations and the prep who has to be the perfect image in every sense of the word. These problems are quite different than the problem that the criminal faces with his abusive father and the outcast feeling alone in the world but they are issues that these teens feel they must face alone. In the movie, they eventually talk to and help each other while building trust in one another.

In conclusion, this movie has helped me understand how everyone goes through something different but no one should compare themselves to someone else because your story is specific to you, although you may think your situation is awful and someone else’s life is perfect we should stop to think beyond what we see. Especially in today’s society, we compare ourselves to people we see on tv but we should consider what goes on in their head that they may be facing alone. For these reasons, I feel that The Breakfast Club is a very meaningful movie to me.

Maria Popova Assignment #1

    While listening to Maria Popova’s podcast about how to start a successful blog, I found that she made many key points but one point that I found very powerful was when she expressed that “the key to being interesting is to be interested”. I strongly agree with Maria Popova because if we are not interested in a subject, as a student or as a writer, that we are writing about how are we supposed to inspire others and pull them in and make them feel interested in a topic. We must feel a passion for what we speak or write about, without that spark of interest or dedication how can we make someone else feel the same.

   However, even if people tell you that your passion is naive and futile you should still hold on to it. Maria Popova also said “write for yourself, you must not write for people” not only should we be interested and love what we write about, we shouldn’t change our view to please readers or onlookers. We should want to inspire others, we really should but not at the cost of losing what made us want to start writing. I personally feel that even if my point of view is against that of one of my friends I shouldn’t have to sacrifice a friendship. Everyone should be able to write, speak, act, and think for themselves.  

     In conclusion, Maria Popova seems to be a very wise writer and I agree with many of her beliefs and opinions. She stands strong beside her writing and I respect her for doing so.